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A Natural Solution for
Mosquito and Tick Control

Protecting your family from outdoor pests can be a daunting task, but with Mosquito Pro, it doesn't have to be.

Our kid and pet-safe essential oil-based broad-spectrum formulation packs a powerful punch against mosquitoes and ticks - killing them within just 30 minutes of application.

The Best Natural Mosquito Control

  • Kills 100% of pests and larvae within 30 minutes

  • Controls a wide range of outdoor pests

  • Essential Oil Based formulation is safe for kids and pets.

  • Only takes a few minutes to dry before you can return to the treated areas

  • Enjoy outdoor living without worrying about pests or disease carrying mosquitoes and ticks.

  • Allow your children and pets to play safe in the outdoors knowing they are protected.

  • Feel secure knowing your family is using a natural lawn pest control product

What Oils Are in Your Formula?

We use a combination of essential oils and naturally occurring ingredients. Our formula is made in the USA and contains no restricted substances or synthetic insecticides. It's also safe to use around your plants.

Lemongrass Oil


Castor Oil

Cedarwood Oil

We use one of the most environmentally sound mosquito and tick control products specifically selected to be safe around people, animals, and plants.

This repellent is a complete pest control product that not only kills the pests quickly, it also disrupts their future egg cycles and is extremely effective in dramatically reducing unwanted pest populations.

Safe for Kids, Pets, Birds, and Bees

Protect the people and animals you love, by choosing a safe natural product to control mosquitos and ticks.

Our formula is completely safe to use around kids and pets. It takes just a few minutes to dry and then you and your family can return to the treated area. It is also safe for your yard's wildlife, birds, and honeybees.

Have Mosquito Pro Treat Your Home for Mosquitos and Ticks

Spray season begins in May and runs through the end of September. Treatments are the same however the frequency of the treatments can will have an impact on the level of suppression and control of various species.

Pricing and Frequency

Every 2 weeks
Annually $620.00
($62.00 per treatment)

This works best if your goal is suppress ticks in and around your home. The life cycle of ticks varies from mosquitoes so applications on a more frequent interval are needed to achieve a level of suppression.

This pricing is for residential consumers.

Every 3 weeks
Annually $455
($65.00 Per treatment)

The 3 week interval is sufficient to control most mosquito issues. The treatments maintain an acceptable level of suppression for 21 days for mosquitoes and 14 days for ticks.

This plan works to control both mosquitoes and ticks however tick suppression may begin to fade after 14 days. If mosquito control and suppression is your primary focus the the 3 week schedule is sufficient.

This pricing is for residential consumers

1 time Event Treatments. $125.00 per treatment

This plan is specifically for the one time events such as weddings, reunions, or any other event where people may gather and you wish to have some mosquito and tick control.

This includes up to 1 acre. If your situation is larger than 1 acre please give us a call to discuss.

Commercial consumers or public area facilities such as ball parks please call to discuss your needs and situation.


Customers who chose to pay annually in a one time payment prior to May 1st. will receive a 5% discount on recurring treatments.

If you are an existing Classic Clean Residential customer ( service within 2 years) you will also recieve and addtional 5 % discount on Mosquito Pro Services.


Elizabeth H.


Thomas Dodson at Classic Clean is very knowledgeable about all things cleaning! Very impressive! I highly recommend him and his company!

Susan T.


I have utilized Classic Clean's services for over a year. They are professional, trustworthy, and do an outstanding job! It's so nice to come home to a freshly cleaned house after a long work week. Their service enables me to have more free time to spend with my family rather than spending weekends cleaning.

Ryan A.


Great company. They should be your go to for any services.

We service all of the South Central Kentucky counties including: Allen, Barren, Butler, Edmonson, Hart, Logan, Metcalfe, Monroe, Simpson and Warren counties.

We have mosquito crews visiting the towns of Tompkinsville, Bowling Green, Scottsville, Glasgow, Burkesville, Edmonton, Columbia, Cave City, Park City, Horse Cave, Albany, Temple Hill, Summer Shade, and quite a few more in the area.


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